Clean-down and decontamination/disinfection/sanitation service for clean rooms and/or controlled environments, is generally suitable for pre-commissioned cleans, post-maintenance cleans or when clean rooms have been compromised due to HVAC failure or other contamination. We recommend that our clients repeat the decontamination annually, to ensure continued compliance to the ISO Classifications of their Clean Rooms.

CLP provides the cleaning materials (including lint-free clean room wipes), chemicals, and equipment. The well trained cleaning team will be suitably gowned in lint-free anti-static clean room garments during the sanitization, which is a 3 phase process:

  1. Initial Clean-down.
  2. Decontamination.
  3. Final Sanitation & Disinfection.

A Certificate of Sanitation is issued on completion.

Please be assured that we offer the highest standard of service excellence, and are well skilled in the very specific requirements of decontamination and sanitization of controlled environments. We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction.