In addition to the highly specialized clean room laundry, CLP also offers customers a service for the laundry of items used in areas where cleanliness is of prime concern (eg Cotton Lab Coats, Conti Suits etc).  As these items produce lint, they are not suitable for processing through the clean room laundry, as they disperse fibers and thereby create contamination.

Cleanroom Laundry Professionals offer the following:
  •  A laundry service that is performed in a clean, non-classified environment.
  • All laundry is segregated and controlled specifically according to customer, ensuring that individual customer garments are always laundered separately, and that cross-contamination does not occur.
  • Each laundry Lot No has assigned batch ID Cards, which remain with the laundry batch throughout the entire process.
  • Garments are stain-treated, disinfected, laundered, dried and flat-folded.
  • Customers are issued with Lot No’s for each batch of laundry.
  • Customers have the assurance that their own laundry will always be returned to them, and that they will not experience the loss of any laundry items. Nor will they encounter any strange or stray items of an unknown source among their laundry!

Laundry is collected from and delivered to Customers’ premises in accordance with the Customer’s weekly laundry requirements.