CLP specializes in the specific requirements for laundry of clean room and controlled environment garments, ensuring that the customer’s environment is not compromised by non-conforming garments.

Laundry of clean room garments requires stringent techniques and controls with regards to the laundry environment, particularly concerning the control of contamination and particles.

It is a requirement of the International Standard, ISO 14644-5:2004 (Clean rooms and associated controlled environments – Part 5: Operations) that reusable clean room garments shall be processed at regular intervals to remove contamination and that the necessary cleaning, processing and packaging of clothing shall be defined. It is recommended in Annex B of the same standard that final treatment and packaging operations for clean room clothing should be carried out in clean room conditions that match the standards of the clean room in which they will be used.

Cleanroom Laundry Professionals offer the following:

  • A laundry service for non-linting anti-static garments, within an ISO Class 6 (previously Class 1 000) clean room.
  • All laundry is segregated and strictly Lot Number controlled specifically according to customer, ensuring that individual customer garments are always laundered separately, and that cross-contamination does not occur.
  • Each laundry Lot No has assigned batch ID Cards, which remain with the laundry batch throughout the entire process.
  • The laundry process for clean room garments.
  1. Garments are inspected, stain-treated, disinfected and laundered.
  2. Garments are transferred to the aseptic ISO Class 5 (previously Class 100) laminar flow area within the clean room, and are folded and individually packed and sealed in plastic bags.
  • Customers are issued with Lot No’s for each batch of laundry.
  • Laundry is transferred to the dispatch area only once the relevant job cards have been released, following the final quality inspection.

Laundry is collected and delivered in accordance with the Customer’s garment change protocols.